I cannot update drivers with Support Assist


You can find it difficult to update the drivers through Support Assist.

This post presents some of the most frequently occurring problems that tend to prevent users from using Support Assist and enabling them to update their drivers, as well as measures taken by one to overcome such difficulties. Let’s dive in!

1. Obsolete Support Assist Version

Support Assist which is offered by Dell, helps your system to operate with the most updated driver versions.

But if you cannot use Support Assist to update drivers, it suggests that you have an outdated version of the software.

Solution: Firstly, determine if you have the most up-to-date edition of Support Assist on your computer. Please go to Dell’s official website and download the latest version.

Launch Support Assist after installation and see if you can update your drivers again.

2. What if the internet connection is too poor?

A weak or inconsistent internet connection will greatly impact hugely on Support Assist’s ability to update your drivers.

Solution: Make sure you are connected to a stable, fast internet before trying to update your drivers. You can choose to restart the modem/router that you use or connect your system with a wired connection. If you want to update the drivers, try Support Assist.

3. Issues with Third-Party Security Programs

Sometimes, third-party security software like antivirus programs may interfere with Support Assist and prevent it from successfully updating drivers.

Solution: In case you are running any antivirus program, temporarily disable it and then use Support Assist to update your drivers. If updates go through successfully, then most likely your security software has been causing these problems. In this regard, you must configure your security program in such a way that it allows Support Assist to have access to the internet and update drivers.

4. Support Assist that is corruptly installed

When the installation of Support Assist is corrupted, it can also hinder the updating of drivers.

Solution: Uninstall Support Assist from your system and later reinstall it with the latest version that is available on Dell’s website. Try updating your drivers through Support Assist after its reinstallation. This fresh installation will eliminate any problems related to corrupted installations.

5. Insufficient Administrative Privileges

Therefore, some functions of Support Assist (driver updates for example) will not be available to those without administrative privileges on their system.

Solution: To resolve this, please ensure that you are logged in as an administrator or have admin rights on your Windows operating system.

Right-click on the icon for support assistance and select “Run as Administrator”. Now support assistant will be able to update your drivers successfully because it has been given the necessary privileges.

6. Server issues or maintenance

Sometimes, the reason why Support Assist fails to update drivers may not be your fault. Dell servers can go out of service or experience maintenance thereby inhibiting driver updates.

Solution: Check Dell’s support website or social media channels for server issues or maintenance updates. When there are server issues, it is better to wait until they are resolved before trying to update your drivers again.


Though a useful tool for updating drivers, users sometimes face difficulties with Support Assist. By applying the solutions provided in this article, you will be able to overcome any likely hindrances and get your drivers updated through Support Assist. Remember to have the most recent version of your Support Assist, ensure internet connectivity, disable any third-party security app if required temporarily, have administrative privileges plus stay updated on any server issues and maintenance.

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